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Our activity was established in 1972 developing masters for printed circuits that were hand-made at that time.

For many years, hundreds of tape masters realized on mylar supports with the aid of conveying tapes, represented the only professional system to develop projects on printed circuits.

In 1987 we started using the following CAD systems:

  "Expedition V. 2005 / 2007"

Bianchi Master uses the software realized by Mentor Graphics that has recently acquired the complete know how from designers of Veribest to create, with its experience and competence, a new line of products addressed to the PCB design. "Expedition V. 2000.5 is a new "PCB Design Software", the core of a group of programmes that links the characteristics of Veribest to the Autoactive technology of Board Station produced by Mentor Graphics.

In the near future both these products will merge into one new and scaled programme, enabling the revision of the projects created with the previous versions.


Design Capture enables the creation of electric schemes for Digital/Analogical projects, printed circuits and FPGA.

The software is simple and effective, supporting the creation of symbols, the management of the electronic components database, their placement and connection in both hierarchic and plain schemes.

Thanks to the integration of a common database through compilation and packaging, it is possible to define rules for the Layout, associate models for the simulation and analysis of the integrity of signals, extract net list, BOM and other kinds of reports according to the clients' requirements.

Expedition PCB

Expedition PCB represents an innovative and modular solution for the design of even the most complex electronic masters on printed board, facilitating its placement, its clearing, the analysis and the compilation of documents useful during the production.

The range of Expedition products satisfies the main characteristics for the design, granting high quality performances (Ascent) and increasing its capacity to higher levels of automation according to the complexity of the project (Pinnacle).

Moreover, the pre-defined parameters of the project are accessible to both the applications. The Expedition products are based on a new Auto Active technology that enables, even during the interactive phase, the most effective combination of automatism as the automatic Push and Shove during the clearing and the placement, the simultaneous re-route during the moving of the components or the multiple clearing of the signals.

It supports the designing flux, granting high quality results and the overcoming of the current and future difficulties during the design.


CAM350 is used to mange and check gerber files. This tool allows a fast and clear check of the all design chain