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Bianchi Master offers a complete service, starting from the mastering of the circuit to its construction. Our thirty years experience in the sector and the collaboration with reliable partners, enables our company to produce every kind of PCB (mono-face, multilevel and rigid-flexible).



Bianchi Masters carries out quality control tests during and at the end of the job, through:

•  self-diagnostic of CAD systems;

•  self-diagnostic of CAM systems;

•  checking lists;

•  our personnel's skills acquired during many years of activity.

As regards services and/or products not directly produced, Bianchi Master relies on the technologies of external suppliers suitable for both the processing and the final quality control tests.

Our suppliers are certified according to the ISO 9000 standards.



Delivery terms vary according to the on –going projects and are agreed directly with the client.

•  As for the development of a master, delivery terms vary according to the difficulties occurring during the clearing of the circuit. The average delivery time varies from 3 to 10 working days.

•  As regards the printed circuits, delivery terms depend on the quantity required and on the kind of working process needed.

•  Bianchi Master can produce a sample of a printed circuit in 48 hours.

•  The assemblance of the board requires about 15 working days.

•  Quicker delivery times can be arranged.